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Eight Different Approaches’ usage

Biological Approach

  • Question: How is the physiology of high risk-takers different from that of non-risk-takers?
  • Cause of Behavior: Physiology
  • Methods: Brain scans

Behavioral genetics

  • Which genes contribute to the development of risk-taking?
  • Cause of Behavior: Genes
  • Methods: Genetic analysis


  • How does rewarding or punishing a risk-taker affect his or her behavior?
  • Cause of Behavior: Learning and reflexes
  • Methods: Behavior modification


  • How do risk-takers think and solve problems?
  • Cause of Behavior: Thoughts
  • Methods: Computer models of memory networks


  • How does the adolescent’s self-esteem encourage or discourage risk-taking behavior?
  • Cause of Behavior: Self-concept
  • Methods: Talk therapy


  • How might a child’s early experiences affect risk-taking in adolescence?
  • Cause of Behavior: Unconscious mind
  • Methods: Dream analysis, talk therapy


  • How might an adolescent’s culture lead to risk-taking
  • Cause of Behavior: Cultural environment
  • Methods: Cross-cultural studies


  • Is risk-taking an evolutionary adaptive trait?
  • Cause of Behavior: Natural selection
  • Methods: Species comparison


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